Online Ordering

Culinary Consultants provides online lunch ordering for select Little Rock area schools, ready to go dinners that can be picked up on your way home, and catering for special events. Click on one of the options below to get started.

School Lunches Dinner to Go Catering


School Lunches
We are pushing the culinary envelop by offering an assortment of cuisines to our students. By offering fifteen different cuisines and over fifty menus throughout the school year, we can expand the palettes and ideas of our students.
Dinner to Go
All of our dinners are composed of fresh vegetables, starch, and protein to complete a well balanced dinner for each client. We combine each component with indigenous ingredients from each region in every dish.
This kitchen only uses the finest local produce and meats for all our dishes. Reducing the chances for added coloring, dyes or chemicals allows the true taste of the food and it's culture to shine through in every meal we serve.

Who is Culinary Consultants?

Chef Paul Novicky, C.E.C developed his business of consulting businesses to initially help independent restaurants and foodservice businesses to be more efficient and effective in the hospitality industry. This business has evolved into an assortment of facets ranging from an in home, multi course fine dining experience to an innovative global school lunch program. The future looks bright with each of these businesses continuing to grow while focusing on a few new directions such as teaching apprentices and students the area of the hospitality business and an innovative "cookbook" that will redefine the way we can cook at home.

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